Dementia and PEARLS
Dementia doesn't only affect the person with the illness it affects EVERYONE close to them

We are here to help with all of it.


One of our Coaches specializes in education of families once they have found that they need more knowledge in Caregiving. People with dementia need care in a very different way that many of the other terminal illnesses

ØFamily self Care

Like the other parts of PEARLS these people stop caring for themselves. Here our Coach guides them toward ways to care for themselves while caring for their loved ones.

PEARLS focuses on brief behavioral techniques that teach folks how to take one “problem” at a time and solve through education. We empower individuals to take action and make lasting changes so they can lead more active and rewarding lives while caring for a loved one.

PEARLS is never instead of Therapy or Case Management it is empowering folks that need skills that Therapy or Case management don’t teach.

Family member quote:

"The neuropsychologist told us she had dementia through tests. When we found PEARLS the coach taught us to care for ourselves and taught us about dementia."