Success Stories: Hear from PEARLS Participants & Coaches

Read success stories from PEARLS participants and their PEARLS coaches in their own words below.

Thank you to the coaches and people who shared their PEARLS stories! Names and pictures changed for privacy.

Donna's story

Donna, 65, was feeling herself going into a direction of minor depression because of health complications. However, somewhere within herself, she knew that through her situations there is always hope. As she was referred to PEARLS, she made the decision to aim for it.

Donna’s year started off with many struggles in her health. Before this she was very active and desperate to get better emotionally and physically.

With her being involved in PEARLS, she was able to learn problem solving techniques. Her goal was to become active in physical and pleasant activities in her home because her mobility was limited. Donna also worked on increasing her walking that will help her lungs and legs to become stronger no matter how difficult her breathing became. She knew and learned the more she kept it repetitive that eventually both her lungs and strength would increase, and it did.

Although Donna still deals with mobility limitations, she has learned to become positive and to remain engaged as much as possible. She has realized that problem-solving techniques, daily activation, and encouragement really help reduce depression.

Donna knows she is going to be more than okay. She reminds herself on a daily basis to uplift herself by engaging in pleasant activities, especially, when she starts to feel any unpleasant feelings. She is now able to recognize and manage her feelings more on a positive level verse a negative one.

Overall, she believes this program has helped her in many ways.


  • Described her health as poor.

  • Some social activities.

  • Rarely visits people or volunteers.

  • No physical activities.

  • Some pleasant activities.

  • Depression symptoms.


  • Described her health as very good.

  • Quite social:

  • Communicating socially with visits or phone calls 7x a week

  • Outdoor outings, attending church, or going out to dinner 2-3x a week

  • Volunteer work at her church kitchen 1x a week

  • More active:

  • Walks short distances 2-4x a week

  • Light leg and arm stretches

  • More pleasant activities:

  • Crocheting, reading, arts and crafts 4-5x a week

  • Volunteering 4-5x a week

  • No depression

Joe’s story

I was skeptical when I started to participate in PEARLS. My wife asked me to try it. I did this to appease her and did not expect any results. Since I agreed to give the program a try, I figured I may as well give it the effort necessary.

I met Tiffany, and she seemed pleasant. The first thing we did was begin our session with a group of questions regarding my well-being and answer with a grade from “Not at All” to “Several Days.”

We then discussed goals and results of these goals. In order to achieve these objectives, Tiffany had me list pros and cons of each goal. Usually, these sessions would focus on one particular goal.

I was getting over surgery and had not been able to walk for over a year. My first goal was getting into a swimming pool. With the physical help of my son, I did it.

Tiffany was outstanding, a real pro. I found myself wanting to make progress to please her in the beginning. As the weeks past, I found myself looking forward to our sessions. The depression I had for so long slowly regressed. My strength began to return, and as I graded each session, my chart showed that I was becoming less negative.

In order to put my situation in perspective, I need to add that about five weeks before starting the sessions with Tiffany, I was told by my doctors that I most likely would never walk again. They were wrong. I became very stubborn about walking and kept trying. At the end of our eighth meetings, I was finally walking some. I need a cane, but that’s okay.

I really believe Tiffany Campbell helped me achieve that goal. She never judged me nor patronized me. She was very respectful and actually made a connection with me.

In conclusion, am I still skeptical? Yes, for that is my nature.

Were my sessions helpful? Absolutely!

So regardless of my nature, the results were positive.

John’s story

I was one of the first participants with Pearls program of Colorado so I was Very caucus of participation with an unknown program but referred by our Area Agency on Aging, whom I trust, I decided to give it a try.

COVID-19 had closed down all my activities- everything! I went into a slump and as Cynthia puts it “became glued too the couch” and was watching Soap operas daily and all day when I knew I had to do something. Area Agency on Aging referred me to Cynthia who discussed with me what I had been doing before the pandemic and how we could get some of my life back to what I enjoy.

Prior to the pandemic I had been a volunteer at our local Senor Center on Hancock and took some of the exercise classes there. Lunch at the Senior center was a great social experience for me.

Our goal was to find social, physical and pleasant activities.

What we eventually got to was a chair in my front yard with a bowl of water next to it. My neighbors would walk by with their dogs and visit. The water bowl was for dogs and other animals in the neighborhood. I would visit with neighbors and now even walk with some of them becoming friends. I have become the neighborhood dog walker and am often invited to participate in activities with my new friends.

Our Senior Center is reopening and I will go back to participating there but love my new experience and friends as well so It’s a part of my life going forward.

Were my sessions helpful? Absolutely!

So regardless of my resistance, the results were helpful and I love running into Cynthia at the Senior Center occasionally.

Jane's story

I'm an extrovert like Cynthia so COVID hit me hard. I missed my activities and was lonely. I "wanted to care again" Cynthia brought PEARLS to me at my house. We worked out a "Problem List" that I created then took one at a time finding solutions over several weeks. I became more and more invested until I started filling out the worksheets on my own.  

Now with Cynthia's guidance I have started my own business that is helping other people in Colorado Springs. 

I encourage you to talk to Cynthia if you are feeling like you've lost interest in doing things that you find pleasurable or feel down, blue or hopeless.  She wants to help and IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!