People in the following communities or groups have participated in PEARLS:

PEARLS is adaptable and flexible to the unique needs and perspectives of individuals and communities. The program recognizes that different communities celebrate their elders in different ways and is designed to build on those strengths. Some of the Communities we have served in El Paso county Colorado are:

These communities and groups may overlap and intersect.

  • Caregivers of people with dementia/Alzheimer's

  • Caregivers who want to care for themselves

  • People living in El Paso County Colorado

  • People 60+

  • People who have limited or lower incomes in rural or urban areasĀ 

  • People living alone or with family members

  • People with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and/or epilepsy

  • People with disabilities, including limited sight, limited hearing, and/or wheelchair or assistive-device users

  • Military veterans and their partners

  • LGBTQIA+ community members

  • Jewish community members

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Alaska Native and Native American community members

  • People of color community members

  • Latino community members

  • White community members

  • Anyone wanting support

  • If you are reading this we would love to help you or a loved one

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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